Types of Playtech Casinos

General types of online casinos

playtech casinoAnyone who has ever even tried playing casino games online knows that there are two distinct types of casinos to consider. And depending on the particular type there will be certain features and benefits available. Some people will go as far as telling that only one casino type can be considered as an online casino. But it all is just q matter of personal taste, which is useless to argue over. The first type of Internet casino to appear was the downloadable type. Back in the day when connection speeds were low, and streaming technologies didn't even exist, such casinos were the only possible solution to playing casino games online. As the Internet and computer technologies evolved, so did casinos, and now they usually deliver the best graphics you can get for a true virtual gambling experience. The second type evolved soon after flash and other similar technologies were introduced. Instead of requiring you to install a standalone program, these casinos only need you to log into the system, and all the gameplay is delivered online via your browser. Of course, such casinos can't compete with downloadable versions in terms of graphics, but the joy of playing a good slot machine or a round of poker with other players is the same without the fancy visuals. The largest casinos tend to offer both options nowadays, as they want to please the broadest spectrum of players. Still, if you want to know more about no download Playtech casinos or downloadable casinos using other platforms, there are many sites that compare these types among each other.

New sub-types of casinos

The rapid technological development of the last decade has taken us to new levels and created multiple opportunities in many areas. Casino owners realize these opportunities very well, so it's nothing strange to see those using new technologies and spreading to new markets with their products. This gave birth to several trends in online gambling that are sometimes even classified as separate sub-types of casinos, although they use the same principles as described in the previous passage. First is the phenomenon of mobile gambling. Thanks to the rapid spread of handheld devices that are usually more powerful than typical desktop computers were ten years ago, it's now easy to take gaming, multimedia and internet surfing just anywhere you go. Of course, the biggest online casinos couldn't miss a market like this and have created mobile versions of their products with optimize features and often the same selection of games as one would find on their site. The approach was the same - providing either dedicated apps or optimizing flash sites for mobile viewing. So now there's a large selection of casinos you can enjoy playing with your phone or tablet. Another popular trend is including live features to already existent games. This is particularly popular with table games that involve a dealer. With live casinos, there is a real dealer playing with you and other gamblers via streaming video, so you can play just as if you were sitting at a blackjack table somewhere in Las Vegas. Pretty exciting, isn't it?

Bonuses and cash prizes

Of course, when playing casino games one of the main questions is whether you can get real money if you win. Usually, online casinos tend to keep all the money within the system, which means that your winnings will be automatically converted to credits that can be used for betting purposes only. On the other hand, there are tournaments, jackpots and special prize games that guarantee cash payouts in case you win. So you'll have to search for casinos that offer these prizes. For Playtech platform casinos you can check www.casinoplaytech.org for a more detailed description of prizes and bonuses available. Other platforms also have sites like these so it makes sense to browse around for such comparison sites.
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