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choose penny slot machineSlot machines - it's really one of the most interesting and popular games in all the traditional and also virtual casinos. Often, such machines are also called as "one-armed bandits" it is because of the first slots machines a long time ago were mechanical, and their reels they run as large lever. The goal is to spin the reels and also get paid for different winning combinations of characters. Slot machines are a real game of chance, that is, in order to succeed in all the types of slots, so you do not have to remember all the rules and also spend time on different complex calculations.

Californian engineer Charles Fay considered as the "father" of all real modern slot machines. Itbean in 1887 when he created the first ever three-reel slot. They are placed on these drums characters such as bells, horseshoes with diamonds, spades and different hearts. Maximum payout could be obtained for the combination of the three bells.

Modern slot machines little reminiscent of the first "one-armed bandit." Technology does not stand still, and mechanical slots gradually replaced by electronic ones, and then on the online slot machines. Modern slots have not three but five reels with lots of different characters. Special symbols, bonus rounds are which did not come up today to developers.

What is the real main charm of such slot machines? Why slots are so popular among the players? The answer is really simple as ABC! It is fun, also interesting, and you really have a great chance of winning the real prize in super or bonus game! Now there is a huge number of gaming machines, also some of them have become the most popular among the players. Our casino contains the most popular and really well known slots so we suggest you familiarize yourself with a range of online slots casino right now!.

Slots Variety

Bad day fishing is really much better than a real good day at work. This truth is well known to all lovers of slots gaming company Novomatic, discover the charms of an exciting and generous casino machine Big Catch.

The main characters who inhabit a free slot game Big Catch - this colorful fish. They form numerous combinations that bring the player a variety of awards. Table bonus payments can be explored by clicking PayTable.

The game has just two characters that can bring the player the maximum prize of 10,000 coins. This is a fish with the words and logo Prize Catch Big Catch. Fish should fill all the drums on one of the active lines and the logo - all 15 cells game screen.


Internet stocks slots are really no different from amount of others with real other games. The most popular there in this list - is such the slot bonuses that can give you a lot amount of money if you also make the real down payment. Some of them also may even double your input cash, and give you a lot of real changes that allow you to play real free games.

Tip: Always you have to make sure about the 100% first deposit bonus. These proposals will also double the whole purchase and no real matter how much these money can you give possession, which is also makes it as the most profitable bonus for all playing slots.